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VENTO Model 2300 Series Pressure Relief Valves (CLOSED TYPE)

Main purpose of Vento Model 2300 series Pressure Relief Valves is to fill the product in storage tanks, providing protection against explosion by providing aeration of the tank when excessive pressure occurs due to changes in temperature due to climatic or external fire sources.

When the valves reach the set pressure values, the valve will open and after the pressure inside the tank is relieved, the valve will sit back to the sites and provide a tight seal.

Feature of Vento model 2300 series is discharge of gas from the tank to the atmosphere without releasing it to the atmosphere through a pipe from the flange at the valve outlet or combined with a steam recovery system, resulting in zero product loss.

Vento model 2300 series valves are produced as weight loaded and as spring loaded.

EN ISO 80079-36: 2016 ,
EN ISO 80079-37: 2016


vento 2300 A

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vento 2300 APS

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